Catching up with Shawn

Shawn Brooks is my old friend from Richmond, Virginia. I don’t talk much about my past, because it wasn’t very bright, but Shawn was one of the people who’d definitely brighten up my days.

We grew up together, went to the same school, shared similar interests and lived right down the street from each other.

Although our families weren’t friendly with each other, we’d still hang out at school and after school activities. Believe it or not, but I played soccer and volleyball in school and Shawn was one of the superstars on the team.

At some point, not in elementary, but we were dating. Yes…Dating.

Just two kids being normal and exploring themselves, nothing to worry about.

Our “relationship” lasted for about a month and a half, after which we went back to being friends, and no… No benefits involved, it was simpler that way and we were too young anyways.

I’ve recently found out, after calling up Shawn and checking up on him, that he now operates Limo Service Richmond Virginia based company. Apparently, he now provides much of Central Virginia with limousine services and he’s looking to expand into party buses as well.

That sounded pretty crazy coming from a guy like Shawn, because I remember him being a good ‘ol country boy without a care in the world. The only things of value were his family, Chevy pickup truck and chew (yuck!). When we were in 8th grade, he started chewing tobacco. It was disgusting, but Shawn didn’t know any better. All his family from step dad to great grandpa would chew.

The only thing he didn’t take after them, were the terrible drinking habits.

You see, one of the reasons our families weren’t friends with each other, was not only because of the financial separation, which by the way was huge, but also because of the way Shawn’s family would act on the weekends in front of the whole neighborhood.

I’m sad even remembering it… Every weekend, our street was like a drama theater, except everything was real life and there wasn’t much acting going on. It would go on until 3 in the morning if not later, and nobody would do anything about it, until one day, a police officer and his family moved two doors down. The very next weekend, things settled down and that’s when our families started to get along.

Shawn and I have been split up and lost connection ever since I went off to college. Finally, I’ve decided to give Shawn a call and catch up after years.

He’s running a successful business, has a wife and two kids and is actually helping the community since 5 percent of all of his sales go to support food kitchens in Richmond. I’m not even talking about the people that he employs as drivers, accountants and assistants.

We’ve had a very long conversation, got to exchange a ton of ideas, talk family and all that good stuff. We’re actually thinking about meeting up back in Richmond some time next year and Shawn suggested that he’d pick up the check for the limo.

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Favorite Classical Music Genres

Hey folks, I’m here to tell you about my favorite classical music genres. As some of you already know, I’ve been a musician and a classic music enthusiast for most of my adult life and have definitely experienced enough music to understand what I love more and ones I appreciate less.

Here are the genres I appreciate the most:

  • Renaissance – Oh, I totally love the way it flows, how it describest that era, that time. Starting somewhere between 15th and 16th century, renaissance era, it’s culture, history and music have inspired tens of thousands of authors all around the globe to use their skills and imgination in order to continue creating beutiful pieces of art that we see today. It has evolved and transformed so much over time, yet the purest classical music of that time is still a hit with the few people who still appreciate quality classical music.
  • Orchestral – Like many other enthusiasts, I love the orchestral. There is a certain power, certain might that the armada of instruments bright to the room. It’s almost like the sound of a great army of conquerors coming toward you and next thing you know it’s all quiet, then the violin comes in so peacefully. It’s much more that just music, it’s a feeling, an emotion that it brings. It might be hard for some poeple to concentrate and listen in to orchestral music, but I promise you that once you do concentrate and emerge yourself in it, the love for it will follow undoubtedly.
  • Romantic – show me a woman, who doesn’t love romantic music. When it comes to romantic as a genre of classic music family, look at it as a birthplace for all modern romance music. Songs and tunes that you hear as background noise in many modern movies have started back in the romantic era. All those romance and love movies that you enjoy so much, when the guy kisses the girl, what plays in the background? That’s right, it’s the tune from the romance era. For me, being a sap for love and romance that I am, romantic music has become a huge part of my everyday life and at times, I would even listen to it at the gym.

Some of you might find it boring, but for me… It’s very personal. A couple of years back, I was a totally different girl. Ever met those cool chicks walking around in metal tip, black leather boots, with piercings all over their face and body? Yeah, the ones wearing black lipstick and having red colored contact lenses? It was me! I would dress like that every day, no matter where I went, my music of choice at the time was heavy metal and christian rock, which kept me under sedation. My life wasn’t going the direction I’ve wanted it to go and I knew that In order for change to come, I had to change myself and the way I was approaching life. I’ve started by switching up the music to classical, the way I dressed from all dark to light colors, removing the piercings and joining a local church. That initial change has gotten me to where I am today!

I hope that you’ve appreciated today’s post and please stay tuned for more. The helping hand for this post were asphalt driveway contractors of Mobile, Alabama. I couldn’t have done it without them, so please show them some love if you’re ever in the area.

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Top 3 Favorite Classical Music Pieces

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I should write about, and the reason being is because I take things in life seriously. Yes, things like this blog.

I’ve always been a very attentive and prepared, and the fact that I always do amazing research goes without saying. Classical music has been something that has inspired me to get through school, to stay up nights just to get my grade up by one letter or a plus, and I truly believe that everyone shot give it a shot, no matter the background.

In my opinion, it’s never to early to try anything, unless of course it self destructive, which I’m strongly against. I could go on and on about the benefits of music for pregnant women, children and even the water we drink on daily basis, but will go ahead and move onto the topic which is the Top 3 Favorite Classical Music Pieces.

Four Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi – #1

The first time I’ve heard it, was in the 5th grade and it has blown me away. Every time I hear it, my heart is reminded of that little girl with a long pony tail, that writes in her diary every night before sleep about the things that went on that day, the people she’s met and spoke with. This beautiful piece of classical music history wash created back in 1723 and I’m positive that it will live for centuries to come, unlike all those pop and rap songs that mean absolute nothing and talk about sex, drugs and how to spank that booty.

Ride of the Valkyries by Richard Wagner – #2

Truth to be told, I love most of Richard Wagner’s pieces, but I’ve decided to make it a point to have only 3 favorites, and I don’t like to say it but nothing beats the Four Seasons. Ride of the Valkyries is one of the part from the infamous Ring Cycle. My very first encounter was fairly recent. How recent you may ask? As late as 2 years ago I have come across this beautiful piece of art. I was watching a cartoon with my niece and nephew at their mom’s place and was dozing off while the kids were actively watching. What woke me up wasn’t a screaming kid, but the that was playing in the cartoon. The scene of a rabbit being hunted by this guy with a rifle unfolded to this particular music piece. I wish I had a better story, but that’s just how it happened. Ever since then I haven’t stopped listening to Wagner’s beauts.

Nessun Dorma by Giacomo Puccini – #3

This one in particular brings back the memories of my mother, who is currently living a retired life with my father. They have recently moved to one of Virginia’s retirement homes. Why does it make me think of my mom? She was the person in my life who’s introduced me to it Giacomo’s music. My mom would sing to his opera day and night no matter what is going on at home. There was no way to even argue with her, because she’d just start singing… The very first time though I recall watching her wash the dishes after dinner was over with and she began to sing. Her passion as well as mine is the reason I’ve included this piece into my top 3.

I hope that you can agree and relate in one way or another.

In the closing I would like to give a shout out to the photo booth rental company who’s sponsoring this post: Photo Booth Rental Richmond! I appreciate the monetary support!

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Welcome to Zacinto, the source of the better way no matter what the issue is. There is always a way out, I promise.

This is my first article, so please don’t judge me too harsh. I’ve created an email where you can let me know how I’m doing. Here it is:

I enjoy criticism, as long as it’s fairly soft on the ears.

Check frequently for more content.


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