Favorite Classical Music Genres

Hey folks, I’m here to tell you about my favorite classical music genres. As some of you already know, I’ve been a musician and a classic music enthusiast for most of my adult life and have definitely experienced enough music to understand what I love more and ones I appreciate less.

Here are the genres I appreciate the most:

  • Renaissance – Oh, I totally love the way it flows, how it describest that era, that time. Starting somewhere between 15th and 16th century, renaissance era, it’s culture, history and music have inspired tens of thousands of authors all around the globe to use their skills and imgination in order to continue creating beutiful pieces of art that we see today. It has evolved and transformed so much over time, yet the purest classical music of that time is still a hit with the few people who still appreciate quality classical music.
  • Orchestral – Like many other enthusiasts, I love the orchestral. There is a certain power, certain might that the armada of instruments bright to the room. It’s almost like the sound of a great army of conquerors coming toward you and next thing you know it’s all quiet, then the violin comes in so peacefully. It’s much more that just music, it’s a feeling, an emotion that it brings. It might be hard for some poeple to concentrate and listen in to orchestral music, but I promise you that once you do concentrate and emerge yourself in it, the love for it will follow undoubtedly.
  • Romantic – show me a woman, who doesn’t love romantic music. When it comes to romantic as a genre of classic music family, look at it as a birthplace for all modern romance music. Songs and tunes that you hear as background noise in many modern movies have started back in the romantic era. All those romance and love movies that you enjoy so much, when the guy kisses the girl, what plays in the background? That’s right, it’s the tune from the romance era. For me, being a sap for love and romance that I am, romantic music has become a huge part of my everyday life and at times, I would even listen to it at the gym.

Some of you might find it boring, but for me… It’s very personal. A couple of years back, I was a totally different girl. Ever met those cool chicks walking around in metal tip, black leather boots, with piercings all over their face and body? Yeah, the ones wearing black lipstick and having red colored contact lenses? It was me! I would dress like that every day, no matter where I went, my music of choice at the time was heavy metal and christian rock, which kept me under sedation. My life wasn’t going the direction I’ve wanted it to go and I knew that In order for change to come, I had to change myself and the way I was approaching life. I’ve started by switching up the music to classical, the way I dressed from all dark to light colors, removing the piercings and joining a local church. That initial change has gotten me to where I am today!

I hope that you’ve appreciated today’s post and please stay tuned for more. The helping hand for this post were asphalt driveway contractors of Mobile, Alabama. I couldn’t have done it without them, so please show them some love if you’re ever in the area.

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